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To All CBAI Members
Dear Friends

Just a friendly note to make sure we are hanging in there in this time of crisis.  We have just gone through a very tough month, with another one coming up.
Let me first say we are all missing our bridge and the only reason we are not playing together is Health & Safety. The main part of this sacrifice is to save lives.

If we can save one life by our actions the sacrifice is worth it for the right reason, that one life could be your own.

A lot of people have contacted me by phone, text, or email asking what we should do as bridge players at this time. Well beside the obvious play online,
studying our bridge books and wondering when we will be back at bridge, let’s make a few suggestions:

1. Call your bridge partner/s to see how they are doing
2. Pick one person per day that you know in your club or other clubs, call them and say hello
3. If you are under the “cocoon age” call someone who is stuck at home alone and see do, they need help.

Now I know many of you are doing these things but for those who are not these are three simple things you can do now to make a difference.
You will feel good after doing them a few times.

We are all very VULNERABLE right now and when you are VUL you don’t take chances. We need everyone back when this is all over,
so play safe follow the guidelines, if you need anything, email or text and we will do our best to solve your problem.

By the way if there is anyone on your list who you may have a difference with, now would be a good time to call them and say hello,
especially if they are home alone right now.

Folks we will get over this, hopefully without too many scares.

Don’t forget we are one Big Bridge Family across the country and don’t forget Families all lookout for one another.

Keep Well – Keep Safe follow guidelines

Yours Sincerely

Neil Burke
President CBAI

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