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Why Play Bridge? These are the 7 main reasons 
why people play this fantastic game

1 Bridge is FUN. The most important reason is that it’s just fun to play. It offers the suspense of poker, the cerebral qualities of chess and the excitement of athletic sports, all in a sociable setting where you’re a participant, not just a spectator.
2 Bridge is SOCIAL. A game of bridge involves communication and cooperation with your partner and interaction with your opponents.
3 Bridge is a BARGAIN. All you need for a bridge game is a deck of cards and three other people. You can play at your local club, or if you have a computer, you don’t even need to leave home.
4 Bridge can be a LIFELONG pursuit. It takes only a little knowledge to begin playing and enjoying bridge. But no matter how many years you play, the learning process will never end.
5 Bridge STIMULATES the brain. Bridge is one of the best ways to practice the “use it or lose it” advice for maintaining mental sharpness in older age. Research has shown that regular bridge playing improves reasoning skills and long- and short-term memory.
6 Bridge can improve your physical HEALTH. Research has shown that a game of bridge can even boost your immune system.
7 Team Building. Bridge is a partnership game. You have to work as a team, understanding that bidding is a dialogue between partners aiming to reach the best contract. .
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